Asus ROG Strix x570-f Gaming

Asus ROG Strix x570-f gaming is a high-end gaming laptop with an Intel core i9 processor.

Best-looking gaming laptops

The ROG Strix x570-f is one of the best-looking gaming laptops on the market. Still, it’s also far more expensive than most other options that have similar performance.

Of course, you can’t put a price on beauty… But you can put a price on this bad boy.


It has an i7-9700k with 16 GB of ram and 512 GB SSD storage for $2500, or if you are willing to spend some extra cash, customers have reported being able to get an 8 TB hard drive around five grand.

This computer will eat any game alive without breaking a sweat! Asus outdid themselves on this one.


It has a 17-inch FHD display with an IPS panel, G-Sync capability, and anti-glare technology (essential for any legit gamer).

Video memory

It has 12GB video memory and can handle most games at 144hz without much hassle. This bad boy even comes with its cooling system that works independently from the laptop to keep things cool when you’re in the middle of a firefight… I mean, when you play games!


The rog Strix x570-f gaming computer also has very comfortable backlit keys, which makes typing easier in dim light conditions or when your batteries run out, because who doesn’t like lighting up their keyboard? And lastly, it also includes a gaming mouse and a gaming headset.

Overall, this is one hell of a product, and it won’t let gamers down!

The one thing you might not like about the X570-F is that it does get warm after playing games for extended periods of time… but if you can deal with that, then there’s nothing to worry about.

highly recommend this laptop

With all the great additions and updates, I would highly recommend this laptop to anyone in the market for something new! The ROG Strix X570-F Gaming Computer shines in graphics performance and overall design, which makes me believe that Asus products will continue to be top sellers in years to come.

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