Best Gaming Headset For 12 Year Old

As a gamer, you should always look for best gaming headset for 12 year old ways of making your game more exciting. Having the best equipment is an added advantage in this respect. There are various aspects that gamers do not pay much attention to while playing games, but these little things make the world of difference when it comes to having fun and excitement.

Having the right kind of headphones is one of the most underestimated areas that gamers need to pay attention to. For example, if you are using low-quality headphones to play games, there’s no way you can enjoy your game as much as you could have with better headphones.

The best kind of headphone for gamers is a good pair of cans or stereo headphones because only these types enable players to hear everything in their audio range without any distortion or any other irregularities.

A lot of people do not realize how important it is to get the right pair of headsets when playing games on computers that connect through USB cables. These kinds of headsets are called USB headsets or gaming headsets and are available in various price ranges depending on certain features that you want.

For example, you can get a USB headset for as little as $20 which will give you decent sound output but does not have surround sound qualities. Those who play games such as Unreal Tournament and so on might need good surround sound headphones to hear where their opponents are. In this case, it is advisable to spend some money and buy a good quality headphone with surround sound features because these enhance gameplay no end and offer more thrill than simply playing the game in basic monaural audio mode. A big advantage of buying a USB headset is that they do not require any installation or configuration on your part before you can use them on your PC; all you need to do is plug-in the headphone into a USB port and you are good to go.

Many gamers do not know how to choose the right kind of headphones when it comes to playing games. There are various factors that need to be considered such as the price, range, compatibility etc. In this article, we will highlight some important aspects concerning gaming headsets. Let’s take a look at them one by one: Size – Gaming headsets come in different sizes depending on whether you want a big or medium sized headphone for your PC. Obviously you would prefer a big size because these give much better audio quality compared to smaller ones that offer rather limited functions and features for low prices. You can always try out a bigger sized headphone before buying to check if you can easily use them or not.

Comfort – A headphone that is not comfortable to use will simply put a gamer off and he/she is most likely going to stop using it sooner rather than later, so comfort is an important feature of a gaming headset because you have to wear the headphone for several hours together. You should see whether the headphone fits well with your head or not. If they are too tight, this might give you a headache after some time which just defeats the purpose of buying headphones in the first place. In addition to this, look at how flexible the band is that goes over the top of your head as this also factors into overall comfort levels when wearing these headphones for an extended period of time.

Features – This is where things get really exciting because you can find several different features in gaming headsets nowadays that make the whole experience more fun. For example surround sound gives players a huge advantage over their opponents by allowing them to hear exactly where their enemies are coming from. Surround sound works by splitting your left and right channels into four separate channels which results in better awareness of your surroundings when playing games that have this feature built-in.

How to choose a headset that’s compatible with your console, PC, or mobile device

The best way to choose a gaming headset is to first decide what you want it for. The needs of someone who wants a cheap set of headphones for occasional use with their PC will be very different from those looking for a top-of-the-line solution to play on the PS4.

There are two main types of headsets, wired and wireless . Wired tends to be more reliable but requires some kind of plug input on your device whereas wireless headsets do not need any wires at all and can even offer surround sound or other special features without needing an extra adapter. There are also various connector types that allow you to connect your headset into pretty much anything; just make sure that they match up with whatever you’re trying to plug them into!

Earphone – Wireless earphone is the newest invention in the world of audio technology. You can now pair it with your mobile device and enjoy high quality sound without any wires. The latest advancement in technology has eliminated the need for any wire connection between two devices which allows you to use this headphone anywhere you want along with your Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet etc.

Earphone- In the world of audio technology, earphones are considered to be a subset of headphones . The distinguishing factor between both is that earphones rest inside the outer ear, whereas headphones sit over the ear. Due to this difference in design, earphones deliver a “low intensity” and “low quality” sound while headphones produce a “high intensity” and “high quality” sound.

Earphones are designed to sit inside the outer ear while headphones rest over the outer ear.

Different types of headsets – wired vs wireless, surround sound vs stereo

Wired – Wired headsets come with a wire that connects them to your audio source such as a TV, MP3 player, PC or any other device. The wire is connected at both ends and can be of different lengths depending upon the requirements. These types of headsets usually don’t have an inbuilt microphone of their own as they are designed to be used with other audio source devices.

Wireless – Wireless headsets offer more freedom from wires and can either support Bluetooth or any other wireless connection that allows it to connect with your device without the need for a wire. These headsets also come with a microphone attached to them which allows you to chat with friends while playing a game with your headset on.

Surround sound – Gaming headsets now come with built-in surround sound speakers which emit audio from different angles, thus creating an immersive gaming experience for the users. Surround sound is a form of technology that uses multiple audio channels to create a realistic and life-like sense of directionality in the sounds produced by the speakers.

Stereo – A standard headphone that only supports two-channel sound is known as a stereo headset . Simply put, they are headphones with an attached microphone, which deliver high-quality audio sources without any special features or enhancements.

What are the features I should look for?

Drivers – The drivers are an important part of your gaming headset, they are what produces the sound you hear when using your gaming headset. A good set of drivers will not only allow you to play games in high quality audio but they can also enhance the overall experience that a gamer has while playing his favorite game.

Each driver is responsible for a part of a stereo image . It is generally accepted that the larger the driver, the better. However, larger drivers are often heavier and can lead to neck strain if worn for long periods of time. Most headsets usually range from 40mm to 50mm drivers while some high-end headsets even come with 60mm or 70mm drivers.

Impedance – Simply put, impedance is nothing but resistance against the flow of electric current. Impedance is one of the more important factors that you must consider while buying a gaming headset as it determines whether or not your headphones will work with your device or not. Most devices come with their own set impedance requirement which means that some headsets might work with your TV, but not with your desktop PC; on the other hand, some devices might work with your PC but not with your TV.

You must check the impedance of your device before buying a headset to ensure compatibility. Generally speaking, an impedance rating in the range of 20Ω to 32Ω is good enough for most smartphones and tablets while anything above 32Ω should be fine for desktop PCs and laptops.

Compatibility – Since you want to use your gaming headset for more than just gaming, it is important that the device is compatible with all your other devices such as TV, PC and tablet so that you can enjoy high-quality audio on every one of them. Wireless headsets are convenient in this regard since they give you the freedom of using them with any device ln your house.

Range – The range determines the distance from which you can use your gaming headset before it experiences any drop in signal quality or interference. A good set of wireless gaming headphones should have a decent range so that you can take full advantage of its freedom to move around. Check for this feature while buying a wireless headset.

What are the signs to know if your gaming headphones are of high quality?

Durability – Your gaming headset is something that you will be using for hours together. It must be sturdy enough to withstand regular wear and tear without falling apart after a few weeks of use. The best way to judge durability is by checking reviews about the product you are buying.

The design should be stylish but simple so that it does not feel out of place when used casually.

Comfort – The comfort level is an important feature to check while buying a gaming headset. It basically tells you how comfortable the device will be to use throughout your gaming session or movie marathon. You must make sure that the headset is lightweight and fits snug enough to deliver maximum comfort.

Sound quality – The most important feature in a gaming headset is its ability to reproduce high-quality sound. While this might seem like an obvious check, it is often ignored by gamers who are for the for the first time shopping for headsets. You must make sure that your headphones reproduce sound with the highest fidelity possible. This means that they should be capable of delivering a separation of high, low and mid-range sound without any one overpowering the others.

Greater the degree of separation, better will be your gaming experience as you will be able to hear every single detail that takes place in your game. In order to check

the sound quality of your headset, test it with several games on your PC or gaming console.

Cheap gaming headsets are generally made of plastic which do not last long. They also have flimsy wires that break after a few weeks of use. You must look for a more premium set with aluminum earcups and an aircraft grade wire if you want it to last for more than just a couple of months.

– The driver size is another important factor that you must consider while buying a gaming headset. Bigger the driver diameter, larger will be the soundstage and greater will be  the frequency range that can be covered by the device. Most headsets have  a driver size of 40mm which is adequate for covering the entire audio spectrum.

– You can rest assured that your gaming headset comes from a reliable brand if it is manufactured by Creative, Turtle Beach, Razer, SteelSeries or Sony as they are known to be among the best in this industry.

Alternatives – If you are unwilling to pay premium prices for a gaming headset, you can opt for headsets like HyperX Cloud Stinger which are available under $50. These wired headsets offer decent audio reproduction and come with swiveling ear cups that provide maximum comfort during long gaming sessions.

Headphones that cost more than $200 vary widely in their price range so if you want to find the best fit for you, you will need to do some thorough research.

We have reviewed some of the best gaming headsets that are currently available in the market so that you can pick one according to your budget and preferences. We hope this article helps you find a good headset for yourself.

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