Çocuklar için en iyi bilgisayar oyunları

Çocuklar İçin En İyi Bilgisayar Oyunları

Bu yazıda, Çocuklar İçin En İyi Bilgisayar Oyunlarını topladık . Şiddet içermezler, karmaşık değildirler ve çocuğun becerilerinin gelişimine katkıda bulunurlar.


Genç oyuncuları Up, Cars, Toy Story, Ratatouille, Finding Nemo ve The Incredibles gibi Pixar çizgi filmlerinin dünyalarına götüren bir tema parkı ruhuyla yapılmış, çocuklar için harika bir oyun. Her bir dünyada eğlenceli denemeler, en sevdikleri kahramanlarla buluşmalar ve heyecan verici maceralar yaşayacaklar! Ve yerel işbirliği modu, çocukların aynı bilgisayarda birlikte oynamasına izin verecek.


Oyuncuların yüz görev ve otuz beş karakterle iki düzine cazibe merkezi bulacağı sanal bir Disneyland Park turu. Bu eğlenceli aile oyununda eğlence parkını özgürce keşfedebilir ve popüler Disney karakterlerinin maceralarına katılabilirsiniz – Mickey Mouse’a yardım etme, Peter Pan ile uçma, Alice ile tavşan deliğinden aşağı atlama vb.


LEGO is a popular construction set for children. He formed the basis for a series of games of the same name. No, you don’t have to build there – instead, you take on the role of different characters and go on a journey through the cubic world. The games are based on various franchises ( Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Avengers, Pirates Caribbean), and players will experience the plots of the films of the same name.

The old games in the series do not have an open world, they have outdated graphics, but they still remain the best! In addition, you can complete levels with a friend on the same computer.


Lucky is a cheerful, cheerful fox, always ready for any adventure! And he always finds them (or they find him): in the game Super Lucky’s Tale, the hero has to stop a villain who wants to change the world – and clearly not for the better. In terms of gameplay, this is a three-dimensional platformer in which you need to jump a lot, fight enemies, explore locations and find secrets.


A cute open-world platformer whose main character is stuck on an alien planet. To return home, she needs to collect the particles of time that have scattered around the world, and do it faster than the villainess, who decided to use them for her evil deeds. A Hat in Time features a funny cartoonish style, funny jokes, challenging challenges, and mod support, giving the project almost endless replayability.


Jump and run games about the elusive Ryman. Players are invited to go through numerous levels, overcoming obstacles and fighting enemies. The main series has 5 games, and the last, at the time of this writing, is Rayman Legends 2013. The game has the highest ratings from critics, and it is capable of drawing both children and adults into its magical world.


Another platformer with a cartoon picture and funny characters who have to save a fairy-tale country from insidious villains. The game is quite easy to learn, so even a child can go through it from start to finish, however, completing tasks for the “gold” and finding all the secrets can challenge even experienced fans of the genre. An interesting feature of the project is the presence of alternative versions of levels, which completely rebuilds familiar locations.


The famous “Snake” in 3D and with unusual challenges based on physics. A snake acts as the protagonist, and this essentially reshapes the usual experience – our protagonist does not have arms and legs, so we will have to move like a snake, wriggling and trying not to fall into traps. Beautiful, original, and very addictive game.


A very popular online sandbox that allows players to create their own virtual worlds and visit alien ones, made in a variety of genres – from simulators and puzzles to racing and shooters.

And you can also monetize your creativity by selling crafted items, body parts, and gear sets – the best way to show your imagination and commercial streak.


A fun multiplayer arcade game in which colorful little men take part in various challenges, trying to get the crown. There are many tasks – from a race through an obstacle course to a team game of football. All this is accompanied by ridiculous falls, funny scenes, and funny sounds.

Fall Guys puts all players on a level playing field, so success depends on skill and luck. At the same time, the game allows you to stand out from the crowd with themed costumes and other customization items.


The colorful farm that sends players to a distant planet, where they have to breed slimes – the so-called funny colorful creatures that inhabit this world.

Armed with a multifunctional vacuum cleaner, the protagonist explores the expanses of a new house, extracts resources, tames slimes, improves her farm, sells manufactured products, and so on. There are many secrets for natural-born explorers, and home-bred breeders will surely appreciate the opportunity to breed creatures.


Temtem is “Pokémon” without Pokémon: instead of them, there are creatures who are called Temtems. Traveling across the islands of the wonderful archipelago, players will catch and tame animals, educate and train them, and then put them up for duels against rivals. This is a multiplayer game, and young explorers can team up with each other to achieve a goal together.


If your child loves dinosaurs but hesitates to face the challenges of the terrifying Jurassic World Evolution, suggest Parkasaurus, a cute theme park development game. In this economic strategy, you need to take care of each of the dinosaur species, manage your employees, and do everything to keep the visitors interested and happy leaving.

Ayrıca oyunda zamanda geriye gidebilir, dinozor yumurtaları için zamanda geriye gidebilirsiniz! Daha heyecan verici ne olabilir?


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