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Sennheiser Game one Gaming Headset

The Sennheiser Game One is a high-quality gaming headset that provides an excellent audio experience. The ear cups are covered with leatherette fabric, which reduces ambient noise and enhances the bass response.

It also has a noise-cancelling microphone that can be muted when flipped upwards. Its open design allows for natural airflow to keep your head cool during long sessions of gaming.

This model even comes with an extra set of velour ear pads if you want to switch things up! The Sennheiser Game One is compatible with PCs, Macs, Playstation 4 consoles, Xbox One consoles, smartphones and tablets running Android or iOS operating systems through its 3.5 mm plug or USB connection port respectively.

Sennheiser game one gaming headset is a gaming headset manufactured ​​by sennheiser. It is a headset with a retro design; as for this type of product the look tends to be necessary. The gamer isn’t taken very seriously if he looks like an astronaut or if it seems that he came from cosplay.

The sennheiser game zero wirless has two earmuffs and also headband, made ​​of plastic and padded with synthetic leather. This makes them comfortable without being too heavy. It uses cloth cables, which normally perform better than rubberized ones and they’re easier to manipulate during games because they don’t get tangled up so easily.

At its height can be found two speakers of 40mm diameter coupled with the best technology at the time both in terms of mechanics and acoustics: Sennheiser’s speakers.

The sennheiser game one gaming wireless headset has an impedance of 50 ohm, it has a frequency response that goes from 15 to 28000 hz and sensitivity levels relatively high both at microphone level ( – 42 db ) as for the level of speaker ( 114 dB ). This is perfect if we want to hear those gunshots or those scary steps more clearly.

The cable only connects on one side, at the left ear. This way you don’t have annoying cables near your neck like some other headsets do. It also has a sound control on the wire, which allows us to adjust volume and mute microphone quickly and easily .
The microphone is detachable. If we don’t play with others, we can save some space and disconnect it. In case of playing online games, the mic is omnidirectional and cancels out background noise. Especially useful in competitive games where our goal is to win .

With all these features, sennheiser game one earpads is sold at a medium range price for this type of product: not too low so as to have an attractive price but nor very high to be a luxury item. Its price lies between 40 and 60 euros depending on the shop where you buy it from or its availability .
If we want a good gaming headphone microphone with excellent quality-price ratio, this should be one of the first models we should look at.

How to buy: If you want to buy sennheiser game one gaming headset , the best place I recommend to check is Amazon because you will have very fast shipping, good price and also if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, they offer an extended 100% guarantee on all products.

You can find this product in Amazon here: Buy Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset.

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